Notes of Thanks


You are all big stars and care so much, all of you.


Thank you for the special way you looked after Dad. Stonebridge is a special place because of you all.


I have tried to write this card so many times and not succeeded, as it is really difficult to tell you all how much you are appreciated and how thankful we are that Dad ended his dementia journey with you all.
We do not think of you as Stonebridge nursing home, but as friends and family.


Dear Julia and all the Stonebridge staff,
Apologies for the delay in writing this, but I wanted to thank you all so much for Dad’s care prior to his passing in February.
When Dad became ill it was a rollercoaster of emotions helping him get the best care when it became clear he could no longer cope at home.
We had 2 prior experiences with care homes prior to being directed to your home.
When we first met Julia and Fran, I can only describe it as getting a hug from your best friend. After all the emotion and stress of the previous 6 months, we immediately knew from the professional, yet very caring attitude shown to Dad (and us the family) that we would receive the best possible treatment, attention and support in all your hands at Stonebridge; we were right.
We know you all did your best for Dad in his nearly 3 years in your care. I personally cannot thank you enough. It proves that although Stonebridge may not be the most up to date in its décor and fancy appliances etc, it is not these “things” that make a caring supportive environment, it is the people who populate it and manage it and the leadership style demonstrated by those who manage.
Dad lived his life in a non-materialistic way and valued people and their kindness above all else. He would have appreciated your work and values at Stonebridge and if he could have done, he would have wholeheartedly thanked you too.
On a very personal note I regret I do not live nearer to Stonebridge. If I did I would offer my voluntary services to assist in some small way in supporting your residents and supplement your amazing work.
Finally, the respect you showed on the day of Dad’s funeral was astonishing and wonderful. I remain astounded by the level of commitment and kindness to residents and their families shown by all Stonebridge staff to the very end.

Thank you.


Dear Fran & Julia,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for the dedication and exceptional level of care given to my mother over the past 18 months.
We, the family, are extremely grateful to your dedicated team who cared for my Mother on a daily basis, the staff all made such a difference to her quality of life. No matter who was on duty regardless of time, day or night, we know she received the same high quality of care and for this we are ever thankful.
It was an extremely difficult decision to move my Mother into a nursing home and so many homes refused her, but Stonebridge stood beside her no matter how many outbursts she had. Strangers quickly became friends and any apprehensions soon dispelled when we observed the professionalism and total dedication of each and every member of your team and how my Mother was treated with love and respect.
It was lovely to see her dance and giggle with the carers, the hugs, laughter and kisses she received was wonderful and I know she felt safe and loved. Every carer went the extra mile, especially during the last week of her life when not only did they care for Mom but everyone also supported my son, for which I will be eternally grateful.
You have all become such an important part of my life too, I will miss each and every one of the carers who spent many hours chatting to me, and being friends to me and my beloved Mother.


We were lucky enough to find Stonebridge nursing home for Dad who was sadly approaching the latter stages of dementia, he could at times be difficult to manage which made finding a suitable home complicated and stressful. After the first two homes had proved unsuitable, we found Stonebridge. The management seemed confident they could look after Dad. I was a little sceptical at first because the last nursing home had said the same thing. We were quickly able to breathe a sigh of relief. The Stonebridge nursing home team are fantastic at caring for dementia patients. Dad looked settled within the first day or so. All Dad’s day to day care was addressed and sorted out. Perhaps most importantly, the staff all show a real genuine level of compassion to all residents at Stonebridge. In never feels like a business. It feels like a big family.
On top of this, we always found someone would be available to discuss medical matters or to just offer some much needed support. The Stonebridge team are aware of the hard times family and friends go through when dementia takes a loved one.

We are very grateful to have found this Stonebridge nursing home and would highly recommend to anyone in the unfortunate position of looking for a suitable care home. They truly made a difference in the final years of Dad’s life and for this we will always be thankful.


Hi Fran & Julia
She (Mum) is looking great and I saw her reading last week which is astonishing as she lost the ability to read before she came to you….
She almost seems to be improving with the memory enhancer and a good diet is making all the difference…
….as in 33 years in mental health nursing I have never seen anyone improve to this extent. I think the excellent care she is getting is a big factor in her improvement and stability.
I co-manage an older adult CMHT in …and we have absolutely nothing like Stonebridge in our part of the country. There are challenging behaviour EMI care homes but the engagement and interaction with staff is minimal and reactionary rather than preventative. I cannot praise you and Julia enough for the leadership provided because I don’t think there is a better care home in the country and I feel privileged that Mum has a place with you.