Meet Our Staff

Our Care Staff

Our trained team is made up of predominantly RMN’s (Registered Mental Nurse), complemented by RGN’s (Registered General Nurse) – this is to ensure that all areas of need, both physical & mental, are assessed and met.

New care staff undergo rigorous induction, classroom based for 8 days where they cover all legally required training before they start to work in the home itself. This theory is followed by a week’s induction as a Supernummary member of the team, where they are monitored at all times by both the trained nurses and the senior care staff.

Induction is seen as the beginning of learning and all staff go on to specialist work in all areas of dementia & mental health care, as well as dealing with physical care issues such as tissue viability, end of life care, diabetes management etc.

We have a permanent, fully equipped training room in the admin building.

Staff are recruited and promoted not by virtue of traditional qualifications, but of their grasp of the concept of being person-centred, and the difference they make to the quality of life for our residents; this is a move away from old-culture nursing and embraces the concept that “feelings matter most”.

Managing Director Phil Edmunds, and Director of Nursing Fran Edmunds are responsible for ensuring that the Home meets all of its regulatory requirements; but the most important work of running the Home on a day to day basis falls to the senior nursing team: Julia Foley (Nurse Manager), Margo Wicher (Deputy Manager), and Claire Cleaver (Clinical Standards Lead).

Fran Edmunds Director of Nursing