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• The Home has been redeveloped and refurbished over the last 2 years, creating 3 separate areas within the Home, each designed to meet the specific needs of that client group.

• This work followed consultations with national leaders in dementia care and dementia environment design (Dementia Care Matters Ltd & the University of Stirling).

• Each lounge area has its own specifically designed garden, freely accessible and fully visible from the Home; the medium dependency dementia lounge has both an activity garden and a seating terrace, which can be used separately or opened up to create 1 large space.

• The notion that people should not have free access to safe but stimulating outdoor space does not sit well with a person-centred philosophy – the huge difference that this has made to the lives of the people who live and work here cannot be overstated!

• Bedrooms are single, single en-suite or companion rooms; there are some people for whom being alone in at night, sometimes for the first time, would cause real distress ; friendships & relationships should not have to suffer because homes cannot accommodate their wish to be together.

• All bathrooms and shower rooms are specially adapted; we have a Jacuzzi-style bath and are in the process of commissioning artwork for these rooms to create a bathing space that is both pleasurable and stimulating; two of the bathrooms are also equipped with ceiling hoists for the most physically dependent.

  Stonebridge Nursing Home is part of Alexandra House Care Services Ltd.

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