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29th December 2014…..

Well, as hard as it is to believe, Christmas 2014 came and went in the blink of an eye – no sooner are the decorations  being put up then it seems we are preparing to take them down again!

It’s a time for reflection whatever our circumstances, and the Stonebridge family, like all others, finds itself looking back at both happy and sad memories. Some of our staff have had babies or are expecting early in the New Year – and we have a wedding to look forward to as Charlie & Joe say “I do” in the summer – so exciting times ahead!

We have said goodbye to some truly amazing people this year, and their absence is keenly felt – that they are remembered with such fondness and we are able to  enjoy the stories and memories of their time with us is perhaps the greatest tribute we can pay them; each made a difference to us as people and to the Home as a whole.

So, some messages for 2015….

to everyone who lives with us – you continue to inspire, teach and astound us with your capacity for love, friendship and happiness, even when the rest of the world may not perceive it as possible. We promise to always do the best we can to make life as good as it can possibly be and hope you will forgive us when we get it wrong. You would be amazed, I think, by the extent to which the staff here cherish you all. Happy, peaceful New Year my lovelies xx


to everyone who works with us – you already know that at your best, there is no team to touch you. You have supported people living with profound challenges to get something positive from every day, and all without control or sanctions; what you have achieved you have achieved with tenderness, compassion and understanding. So many people living with us would not have found sanctuary any where else and you should be so very proud of that.  You also know, as we know, that there are days when we are not as good as we should be, because that standard of care takes a level of commitment and bloody minded determination that it sometimes hard to sustain. That’s just human. What’s important is that we recognise it when it happens and stop it, immediately – because we are better than that.  Some of you have truly shone this year – long may it continue, and help others to do the same. xx


to the families, friends and supporters of everyone who lives here – what we see at work every day is love; your unswerving (if sometimes draining) commitment to these people whom you love so dearly is humbling to those of us privileged to see it. We also realise that for some the pain of seeing the changes can be utterly overwhelming and we understand why you cannot bear to come. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, know that we care for you too and will always be here if you need us.

There are no words which can properly express our gratitude to families who are involved in the running of the Home, through sharing their thoughts and anxieties; there must be days when you would rather be doing anything else, but you are valued more than you could know.

We wish you a New Year in which we can, together, create some happy memories for you and for your loved ones; days when we hold on to each other laughing and days when we can hold on to each other crying. I think we all need each other for those times and know that you often support us as much as we try to support you. May 2015 bring you all peace xxx



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