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Building & Gardens at Stonebridge

• The Home has been redeveloped and refurbished over the last 8 years creating 4 separate areas within the Home, each designed to meet the specific needs of that client group.

• This work followed consultations with national leaders in dementia care and dementia environment design (Dementia Care Matters Ltd & the University of Stirling).

• Each lounge area has its own specifically designed garden, freely accessible and fully visible from the Home; the medium dependency dementia lounge has both an activity garden and a seating terrace, which can be used separately or opened up to create 1 large space.

• The notion that people should not have free access to safe but stimulating outdoor space does not sit well with a person-centred philosophy – the huge difference that this has made to the lives of the people who live and work here cannot be overstated!

• Bedrooms are single, single en-suite or companion rooms; there are some people for whom being alone in at night, sometimes for the first time, would cause real distress ; friendships & relationships should not have to suffer because homes cannot accommodate their wish to be together.

• All bathrooms and shower rooms are specially adapted and we have a Jacuzzi-style bath ; one of the bathrooms is also equipped with ceiling hoists for the most physically dependent.

“IRIS” – Iris is a smaller lounge for people who need more quiet space, irrespective of their individual diagnosis. It is accessed immediately off reception and has its own courtyard style garden, freely accessible at any time. The levels of physical dependency vary considerably; what matters is finding the right balance of people who are content to be together. The care team here is led by Senior Care Partners Abi Greenfield & David Bott.

“FLORA” is a bigger space, specifically for people living with moderate to advanced dementia who are in an altered reality. It is  a bigger space but with smaller areas created within it – for snoozing, watching TV or using the computer, activities , chatting – daily life! It can be noisy at times but this is because people are actively encouraged to be busy – there is a very big difference between “good” noise and “bad” noise, and our staff are trained to be vigilant for sounds or behaviours that might indicate anxiety or distress, and intervene. If you are new to this kind of care then it’s probably fair to say that being in it for the first time as a visitor can be confronting; we are not aiming for stillness, a pristine and perpetually tidy, hotel-like environment. If we achieved that then we could be certain that the people living in it were not living a life that was meaningful to them, but one which was being controlled to suit the needs of others – staff, familes, othe professionals. We know that this approach works; many residents now living with us have been labelled as “challenging”   when actually what they were was misunderstood. Flora’s care team is led by Senior Care Partners Becky Bushell & Jade Henshaw.


“CELESTE” is a small lounge with a sensory focus for those living in the later stages of dementia, often with significant physical needs. Staff work with light, sound, touch, texture and 1:1 support to maintain gentle communication with people who may have lost all verbal and cognitive function. Staff receive specialist training in later stage care and are able to support families as their relatives may reach the stage where this level of care is required. The Celeste care team is led by Senior  Care Partners Sian Riley and Joe Shields.

“FREYA HOUSE” is a separate 6 bedded unit for younger people with mental health problems and is geared towards maximising the opportunity for social activity and engagement; those referred to us have often been known to the mental health services for a number of years and may have had failed attempts to live more independently. Some come to us on Section 17 aftercare orders or Community Treatment Orders; our team has excellent working relationships with local Mental Health multi-disciplinary teams & units, ensuring continuity and effective management.

Freya has two small lounge areas, its own front door, private garden and 4 en-suite bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, a kitchenette and bathroom.

Freya’s care team is led by Senior Care Partner Helen Holme.




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